What Clients Say

"I worked with Sue for just over 6 months and whilst that may seem a short period of time the changes I implemented in my life thanks to working with her were incredible. I came to Sue with a history of anxiety and depression from when I was a teenager and she gave me the tools to manage my emotional world and walked me through it whenever i needed her to. I was worried about bringing up too much trauma but everything was done at my own pace and Sue always assured me that i didn't have to speak about anything I didn't want to. She went above and beyond sending me extra resources to read and to listen to further help me understand what we talked about in our sessions

I was always worried about therapy but with Sue I had nothing to worry about. From the first minute I spoke to her I felt immediately at ease. It was all at my own pace and she checked in after the more difficult sessions to ensure that I was ok. I can't thank or recommend Sue enough."


"Sue and I worked together for just over 2 years. From that time I went from someone incredibly wary of talking therapy, incredibly stressed and taking anti-depressants to someone who has a better understanding of the impact of their past and how to manage myself going forwards. The sessions we have had together have been invaluable and I felt respected and seen at all times.

I would recommend Sue to anyone looking for a therapist as the results I am seeing are incredible. I only wish we had started working together sooner."


"I worked with Sue for over a year and although the experience was very challenging personally, Sue was the best person to undertake this process with.
I found Sue to be an incredible listener, always prepared and ready to challenge you in the best way possible.
I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone interested in therapy, as I am aware of how scary it can be, but Sue is the perfect person to have at your side.
I have grown and learnt so much about myself and I now feel that I have the tools to live my life more confidently and in a happier way."


"Sue worked with me for nearly a year and during this time I have become so much more confident in who I am. Sue was patient with me and gave me the space I needed to open up and learn things about myself. She helped me to understand that my vulnerability is a strength and not something to run away from. I was a nervous wreck coming into my first session but the empathy Sue showed me allowed our sessions, both face-to-face and online, to flow smoothly. I will be forever thankful for everything Sue has taught me, she has guided me to become more boundaried and confident in interactions with others and it truly is the best investment I have ever made in myself."


"Twelve months after my 30 year marriage ended, I was still angry, hurt, depressed, tearful and feeling unable to cope, with no idea what my future might look like so I reluctantly sought counselling. I could not have found a better therapist than Sue.

During the 11 months we worked together, I felt supported, understood and listened to. Her kind, non-judgemental attitude and her empathy made me feel completely at ease in opening up to her and she has guided me from not caring whether I lived, to being able to foresee a new and positive future for myself. Through her insight and helpful techniques, I have learnt to know myself better, built a much stronger loving relationship with my children and grandchildren and now have an increased awareness which has enabled me to view the past from a different perpective.

She is warm, sincere and genuinely caring and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is struggling with life."


''I worked with Sue for a year and to say it was transformative, would be an understatement. It was hard work but Sue was there at every step of the way to help. I found her to be supportive and honest without judgment at all times.

I can’t thank Sue enough for her help and I will actually miss her friendly presence now I’ve finished working with her, for the time being.

I couldn’t recommend her enough!''


''Having therapy is a deeply personal and emotional experience and I'll be forever grateful to Sue for guiding me through our work in such a sensitive, open and supportive manner. First and foremost Sue is an incredible listener, encouraging you to dig deeper, knowing every word you say will be valued and thoughtfully reflected upon. She also has an incredible talent for challenging you in a way that feels insightful and important, opening your eyes rather than making you feel defensive and judged. I have grown so much from my experience with Sue, and feel forever stronger and wiser. I know the work we did together will impact how I see myself and the world around me for the rest of my life and for that I can't thank Sue enough.''  


''I started working with Sue when I had literally reached rock bottom. I was suffering with depression, anxiety, zero confidence and my self esteem was at an all time low. In the first few sessions I was very emotional and I honestly felt that I would never recover from my breakdown. Sue was patient, calm, kind and worked with me so that my recovery journey felt manageable. Over the next 7 months as my confidence, self esteem and spirit grew so did the level of our work together. This is just one of Sue’s amazing gifts that she knows just what speed to take it so you do not feel overwhelmed.

I am now a completely different person. I have grown in clarity, confidence and happiness and I know that after the storm comes the rainbow. I am very grateful to Sue for her warmth, grace and genuine care for me and my happiness and I know that I would not have got through the last year without her support.''


"I started seeing Sue as I was dealing with panic attacks, anxiety and low self-esteem which were triggered by different factors. I was struggling with the pressures of University and losing 2 people who were really significant to me. I was able to talk about how I felt and Sue would listen and help me understand and interpret my emotions which felt confusing and  messy. I gradually became clearer as we reviewed situations together and my self awareness improved and my anxiety reduced. I now have much greater clarity. I understand how my mind works and I feel so much more capable of dealing with change and challenges on my own as a result of the work we did together. "


"Working with Sue has changed my life! Sue helped me find myself again through her caring, sensitive, empathetic and empowering approach. As a result my whole life has fallen into place, my relationship with my son and my husband have blossomed and I have better relationships with others around me. I have a greater awareness of my emotions and triggers and I am equipped with the skills to manage myself better through effective communication rather than huge meltdowns. I wish I had found Sue sooner!"


"I met Sue when I was 40. Alot of circumstantial things had manifested into anxiety, depression, grief, crying, uncertainty and just a feeling of not knowing who I was or why I felt so vulnerable. I am a strong independent woman - well I am now that Sue has helped me to harness my anger, understand my vulnerabilities and to accept that it is OK to seek help."


"At the first time of meeting Sue, I was feeling low, isolated, depleted and anxious. Thankfully her warm demeanour and thoughtful approach made me feel so reassured and ready to open up. After the first session I felt a renewed sense of hope, I knew I’d found the right person to help guide me towards a better place. Sue really listened to me, and her insights and guidance have encouraged me to become more aware of my self-limiting thinking patterns and deepest fears for the first time. The journey we’ve been on over the last 11 months have completely shifted how I feel and how I see things, I regained my confidence, inner strength, as well as happiness.

In terms of format, after a few sessions we switched to Zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions, which I was pleased worked equally well. I found Zoom sessions fit in nicely with my full-time work schedule. It meant I no longer had to take time off work to travel back and forth for the therapy. I also found being in the comfort of my own home helped me to be more open about my feelings and thoughts. It was natural, comfortable and Sue's reassuring energy transcends the physical distance. I cannot recommend therapy with Sue highly enough."


"I worked with Sue for a year. I was a little wary at first but with some gentle coaxing we worked through my issues and I now have a greater understanding of myself. She is always understanding, insightful and non-judgmental. During the various lockdowns of 2020 Sue moved seamlessly to online therapy using Zoom and was able to pick up on emotions as if we were in the same room. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone looking for therapy."